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We clean Buildings, Windows, and Roofs with drones.

We’re New York Drone Cleaning and we’re revolutionizing the exterior cleaning industry in the tri-state area by using advanced Drone technology. 
Our state-of-the-art Drones have both pressure washing and soft washing capabilities, and can reach heights of up to 300 ft.
Drones allow us to offer a safer, faster, cheaper and disruption-free exterior cleaning experience to our customers!





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Commercial Exterior Cleaning

We understand that first impressions matter in the business world, which is why we are dedicated to providing exceptional exterior cleaning services that will impress your clients and customers. 

You can trust us to remove dirt, grime, and unsightly stains from your building’s facade or windows, leaving it looking pristine and inviting. 

Our drones can effortlessly reach even the most challenging areas, ensuring a thorough and efficient clean every time. Our skilled technicians are trained to handle a wide range of surfaces, including glass, metal, concrete, and more. 

commercial exterior cleaning service with drone

Infrastructure Cleaning

Our cutting-edge drones are the perfect solution for the maintenance and cleaning of infrastructure such as storage tanks, water towers, wind turbines, bridges, and more. They can efficiently remove dirt, debris, and contaminants at great heights, eliminating the need for lifts and other heavy machinery.

Our innovative approach enhances safety, reduces costs, and minimizes downtime, ensuring your infrastructure remains in optimal condition with minimal environmental impact. 

Most popular questions.

Using drones for exterior cleaning offers several key benefits over traditional methods. Our drone cleaning services are safer, as they eliminate the need for scaffolding or ladders, reducing the risk of accidents. They are also more cost-effective, providing a cheaper alternative by reducing labor and equipment costs. Additionally, drones are more efficient, completing the cleaning process faster and with less disruption to your business operations.

Yes, all our drone pilots are FAA Part 107 certified and have extensive hours of experience flying drones. This ensures they are highly skilled and knowledgeable in safe and effective drone operation, providing you with top-quality cleaning services.

Yes, we are a fully licensed and insured drone cleaning company. Our commitment to safety and professionalism extends to all aspects of our operations, including obtaining the necessary licenses and insurance coverage.

Yes, we effectively remove algae and mold from various surfaces. Our drones spray specialized cleaning solutions that target and eliminate these growths, preventing structural damage and improving the appearance of your property. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that the removal process is safe for both the environment and the surfaces being cleaned.

Booking a drone cleaning service is simple! Just reach out to us on our website or call us. Our friendly team will help you choose the right service and schedule a time that works for you.