Window Cleaning

Our drone-powered window cleaning service is truly revolutionary.  The precision of our advanced drones and dual-capable rig – equipped with pressure and soft wash functions – leaves traditional methods obsolete. 

Our drone window cleaning services are:

 1) Efficient
Our drones are able to navigate complex structures and target even the toughest most intricate spots. We are also able to complete your cleaning in a drastically lower amount of time (usually less than 1 day) and we use a soap solution to ensure a crystal-clear and streak-free cleaning.

 2) Cost-Effective
The money we save by using drones, rather than humans, goes right into your pocket. Our services require less labor, have shorter setup times, avoid expensive lift rentals and have significantly lower insurance expenses compared to traditional methods. 

 3) Safe
It’s pretty straightforward, by using drones we avoid risking injury to workers. Our services simply don’t require scaffolding or humans dangling from cables mounted to your building’s roof.

Discover the future of window cleaning where technology meets cleanliness.